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Unkle Fon is one of the new additions to the Madrid techno scene. Faithful to its raw and dark sound, he is always creating sounds which are clearly influenced by the old school sound.

He has been exploring and researching to produce his own music with a genuine and very distinctive sound, reminding us of days when proper techno was not as habitual as it is nowadays and it was more than just a buzzword.
In 2017 Unkle Fon start to work in his own vinyl Shop "Ater Cosmo".
Utopia Club Madrid may be one of his most ambitious projects. A club created in an industrial area of Madrid, where you can enjoy the techno with one of the best sound systems of the city.

He has published on labels like Illegal Alien Recods, Sleaze, Node Orbit, Phase Insane, Selected records, Concerns Music and many more.

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