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Keikari lives and breathes techno from his 18th district apartment in Downtown Paris.
Discovering techno as a teen in Bordeaux, Keikari moved to Paris to immerse himself in the scene.

Yet amidst his obsession with urban culture and the techno scene, Keikari continually draws inspiration from his other nature, the self born into the slower-paced seaside city of La Rochelle.

Keikari released his first EP "Metsa" on the American label Monocode, which was followed by a second EP "Illta" on Berlin-based label Kontruktiv.

His third and fourth EP "Valta" and "Eroa" are released on Joton's Label Newrhythmic

Then "Homistaa" is signed on famous UK label EarToGround founded by Gareth Wild, Dax J and Chris Stanford.

Keikari ends 2018 with two releases, "Nasta" on Lewis Fautzi's label Faut section and "Teoria" on the french label Binary Cells.

He is also resident dj of REGAL SOUND collective in Paris since 2016.

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