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Fixeer is one of the artists with the greatest international projection and the most representative of the Techno scene in Mexico...

It is part of the prestigious Mexican label Illegal Alien Records, and for the past 16 years it has trained several generations of DJs and producers in Mexico, at the G Martell music University .

His productions have been supported and played around the world by artists such as Oscar Mulero, Pfirter, Lewis Fautzi, James Ruskin, DVS1, Sleeparchive, Exium, Tensal, Jonas Kopp, Kessell, among others, his sessions are characterized by exposing from the Techno more hypnotic to the hardest and most powerful sound.

At the end of 2017 he has just released his own label called "Human Recs" and has published his music on great labels such as: Aine (Pole Group Sub label), Granulart Recordings, Tsunami Records, Faut Section, MindTrip, Seance, Vector Functions, Hardtools Records.

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