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Drop-E label boss of Signal is a DJ and techno producer from southern Spain, already well known for his releases on such labels as AINE (PoleGroup), SUB tl, Signal Rec, Naked Lunch, Binary Cells, Injected Poison & Concers Music.

Drop-E brings us subbass heavy synthesized mess, obsesive compulsive sequences, sharpened hi-frequencies and a constantly evolving structure make the recipe. The tracks feels almost out of control, but this is a ride so thrilling you will never want to get off!''

His productions have received the support of artists from around the world such as Óscar Mulero, James Ruskin, Tensal, Radial, SHLØMO, Amotik, Joton, Michael Lauriola, Kaiser, Substance aka DJ Pete, Setaoc Mass, Ricardo Garduno, Sintoma, Fixon, Jon Hesler, Loudon Kleer, Uun, Mike Wall, Kalter Ende, Electric Indigo, Sleeparchive, Eric Fetcher, Fernanda Martins among others.

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