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The Berlin based DJ and producer with a trajectory of more than a decade, has established herself in the underground Berliner scene in the last years, being a resident at the emblematic club Tresor, and hosting as well the very well known “New Faces” parties.
The depth of her sets immerses us in a space trip dominated by hypnotic and heavy electronic environments in the same harmonic code, intelligible techno ruled by a musical selection capability only available for accurately and experienced ears. Her execution in the Dj booth is almost millimeter, enhancing the technical qualities of the set and the auditory introspection with the public.
As far as production is concerned,Dinamite made her first important debut in 2015 releasing a great EP on Planet Rhythm “Doxa” which had an amazing support. In the same year she released her first ep “ Qualia” in Affin records followed by a collaboration on the same label in the compilation “Signs” with the very acclaimed track “Nebel”. Is at the end of 2016 when She debuts in the very respected and multidisciplinary label Detroit Underground with “Excelsior” ep where she shows a very personal vision of Techno and electronic music. 

In 2019, it has stood out for its launch in the Spanish label Newrhythmic with the ep "Into The Abbys" supported and recognized by many renowned artists.

Currently, it combines Techno with some other projects among which, it is worth highlighting an audivisual show that will be presented for the second time in Berlin and this time in 4DSOUND format.
Dinamite has also released in Illegal Alien Records, Concerns Music, Bipolar Disorder, Stratosphera Records, Northallsen Records, AYCB and many others.

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