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Alderaan is the artistic name of Franco De Michele, artist of sound from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the year 2011, he began with the study and experimentation of the sound, starting to publish his own material towards 2014 in the dutch label Planet Rhythm: Vexations EP, getting the support of the biggest artists of the global scene, and then releasing music in physical format (12”) on the english label Weekend Circuit. From there on, he has a varied discography of techno and ambient music in labels of different countries of the world.

This has given him the opportunity to be an active part of the Argentine national scene, playing in the most outstanding parties and clubs such as: Under Club, Cocoliche, Bahrain and more, besides being a resident and part of the Deviant agency.
In the year 2017 he has begun a project with his colleagues Miki Craven and Mental Resonance which is called Dead Rose, a platform dedicated to release techno music in all its nuances, with variations in ambient, idm and electro, and which also functions as an agency. With the starts of this new cycle he has made his first tour in Europe playing in countries like Spain, Germany and France, and sharing booth with artists like Alexander Kowalski, Funk D’Void, Flug and more.

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